National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia

The NATA accredited laboratory of WIKA Australia has the following calibration and certification capabilities:

  •     NATA Laboratory No. 410
  •     Accreditation: Calibration
  •     Scope: Pressure: Gauge Calibration to 350MPa, Temperature: -75 ... +450°C
  •     Dead weight tester certifications

Testing, calibration & service capability guide

Chart recorders
Compound gauges
Dead weight testers
Dial thermometers
Differential pressure cells, Indicators
Digital thermometers
Dry well calibrators
Gas pressure thermometers
Liquid in glass thermometers
Manometers - Mercury
Manometers - Other liqiuds
Masses thermostats
Master test gauges

Oxygen gauges
Pressure gauges & transmitters
Pressure calibrators
Pressure controllers
Pressure recorders
Pressure switches
RTD's sensors
Smart transmitters
Tank dipping thermometers
Temperature transmitters
Temperature transducers
Vapour pressure thermometers