Models FLM-S, FLM-T, FLM-P

Magnetostrictive level transmitter

High-resolution measurement principle

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Applications of the level sensor

    • High-accuracy level detection for almost all liquid media
    • Chemical, petrochemical industry, natural gas, offshore, shipbuilding, machine building, power generating equipment, power plants
    • Process water and drinking water treatment, food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry

Special features of the level sensor

  • Process- and procedure-specific solutions possible 
  • Operating limits:
    - Operating temperature: T = -90 ... +450 °C [-130 ... +842 °F]
    - Operating pressure: P = vacuum to 100 bar [1,450.4 psi]
    - Limit density: ρ ≥400 kg/m3 [25.0 lbs/ft³]
  • Resolution < 0.1 mm
  • Wide variety of different electrical connections, process connections and materials
  • Explosion-protected versions

Description of the level sensor

The level sensor models FLM-S, FLM-T and FLM-P level level senor are used for the high-accuracy, continuous level detection of liquids and are based on determining the position of a magnetic float according to the magnetostrictive measurement principle.

The magnetostrictive measuring principle of the level sensor enables the continuous measurement of levels, independent of physical and chemical changes of the media such as temperature, conductivity, dielectric, pressure, foaming, vacuum, condensation, vapours, bubble formation, boiling effects and density change Via the HART® interface, the parallel measurement of overall level and interface layer is possible.

By means of the level sensor, the level can be displayed proportional to volume or height.

Installation and commissioning of the level sensor is simple: Only one calibration is carried out, a recalibration is not required. Float, process connection and guide tube can be manufactured from titanium, stainless steel 1.4571, 1.4435, 1.4539 or various plastics.

Level sensor, model FFG-T

Level sensor, model FFG-T

  • Level sensor, model FFG-T
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