Model GFR-3

Flame rod

For pilot light detection

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  • Crude furnaces
  • Fluid catalytic cracking furnaces
  • Hydrotreater furnaces
  • Hydrocracking furnaces

Special features

  • Designed for the rigors of higher preheat furnaces (482 °C / 900 °F)
  • Significantly more robust design and materials for higher reliability
  • Improved tip design to facilitate easier Kanthal tip replacement
  • Simple maintenance


The model GFR-3 is the newest generation flame rod for pilot light detection. It detects the actual flame present at the pilot. This allows the operator to be sure the pilot is lit before charging fuel to the burner. Flame rods are designed to simplify pilot light detection systems by creating a one piece instrument that allows for relatively easy access in changing the Kanthal tip. The GFR-3 is designed in response to ever more demanding furnace service requirements of our customers.

This design allows for discrete pilot flame indication and eliminates the non-discrete indication of optical scanners. It is suitable for pilots designed by Callidus, John Zink, and Zeeco and is the standard for major refineries as part of safe furnace operation programs.

Flame rod model GFR-3

Flame rod model GFR-3

  • Flame rod model GFR-3
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