Petrochemical industry

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Ability to meet any challenge

The manufacture of chemical products from natural gas and naphtha in refineries places high demands on the process instrumentation. In different process steps, such as cracking, condensation or distillation, the respective intermediate or finished products are manufactured under defined pressure and temperature conditions. The high precision and quality of WIKA's time-proven products ensures maximum plant availability here. Since the handling of the various gas mixtures and the highly flammable naphtha is not without danger, for example, our ATEX tested and certified measuring instruments make a contribution to the required safety.

Maximum safety

Since the primary and secondary products obtained are very diverse, different materials are needed for the wetted parts. In atmospheres containing H2S, which can pose a possible health and safety risk for residents, personnel or the environment should corrosion damage the plant, the fulfilment of the NACE / ISO 15156 requirements is also a 'must' for the instrumentation.

WIKA - Your strong partner

Particularly in applications with aggressive media, in combination with high media temperatures, individual solutions with diaphragm seal assemblies or thermowells are essential. There is an equally large variety with the requirements of level monitoring in tank farms. For all application examples mentioned, WIKA offers an unrivalled programme of pressure, temperature and level measuring instruments, as well as calibration instruments and services.

Application examples

  • Pipelines
  • Distillation columns
  • Steam drums
  • Extraction vessels
  • Condensate separators
  • Tank farms

WIKA has been active in the Contractor Business for more than 25 years. Together with international engineering companies, we implement major projects the world over. Thus we are more than simply a reliable supplier of high-quality process instrumentation and measuring instruments: As your partner we develop products and solutions with you that are specifically tailored to your requirements.

WIKA is your competent partner through all phases of the project: starting with planning the basic and detail engineering through the realisation and implementation of the project to the after-sales assistance.

The factors of capacity

Our high level of performance is essentially based on three factors: A wide and innovative product range, comprehensive and competent service and a reliable global presence. We are pleased to be committed to your success, too.

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Calibration services

Entrust the calibration and maintenance of your measuring instruments to a competent partner.