Environmental and Energy Policy


WIKA complies with legal requirements and other obligations in order to ensure the protection of its employees and the environment.

Environmental awareness and energy-saving behaviour

Through training and information, the awareness and responsibility for environmental protection and the energy-saving behaviour of all employees is promoted.

Products and processes

Environmental effects and energy consumption originating from our processes are consistently monitored and evaluated. Energy consumption, emissions, water pollution, waste, hazardous substances and other environmental impacts are avoided and, where this is not possible, reduced. The use of state-of-the-art technologies as well as a systematic assessment of environmental and energy aspects helps us to continuously improve our environmental/energy performance. Right from the planning phase, the environmental effect and energy consumption are assessed and reduced as far as technically and economically feasible when introducing new products and processes, and when procuring new necessary capital goods.

Inclusion of our suppliers and service providers

Our business partners, through relevant information, are requested to have environmentally-friendly and energy-saving processes and production.

Alarm and hazard prevention

To avoid or reduce accidental emissions, alarm and emergency plans have been prepared and are updated as necessary. These are based on regular exercises and coordination with external agencies.

Informing the public

The WIKA environmental and energy policy and important related activities are available to the general public, as required.


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