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WIKA is a world leader in the manufacture and development of pressure gauges. With WIKA you will also find the appropriate instrument for the measurement of differential pressure.

Differential pressure gauges measure the difference between two pressures. They are suitable for the monitoring of filter contamination, for level measurement in closed vessels, for overpressure measurement in clean rooms, for flow measurement of gaseous and liquid media and for the control of pumping plants.

In differential pressure gauges, different pressure elements and tube forms are used (diaphragm element, capsule element, Bourdon tube, etc.). This enables scale ranges of 0 ... 0.5 mbar up to 0 ... 1,000 bar to be covered, with a very high single and dual-sided and also bidirectional overpressure safety up to 400 bar.

Differential pressure gauge

Function of a differential pressure gauge

The media chambers of a differential pressure gauge are separated from each other by the pressure element. If the two pressures being measured are the same, there is no movement through the pressure element and no pressure is indicated. As soon as the two measured values are different to each other, thus one of the pressures is higher or lower, then a differential pressure will be indicated. The transmission of the pressure element displacement and the indication of the pressure is achieved via a mechanical movement.

In the WIKA portfolio you will find differential pressure gauges in standard designs and with increased corrosion resistance, such as are required in chemical or process engineering applications:

Differential pressure gauge with integrated working pressure indication

Alongside the standard variants of differential pressure gauges, in the WIKA portfolio you will also find a pressure gauge for the measurement with integrated working pressure indication. For filter and pump monitoring, the working pressure often plays a major role along with the differential pressure. In the DELTA-plus differential pressure gauge, a working pressure indication is therefore integrated. The working and differential pressure can be read simultaneously on on-site displays. An additional measuring and sealing point is thus no longer necessary.

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