Tubeskin thermocouples

What is a tubeskin thermocouple?

Tubeskin thermocouples are used for measuring the temperature of tubes in heaters or furnaces. The thermocouple measures the skin temperature of the tube itself.

Why would I use a tubeskin thermocouple?

Temperature measurement in heaters or furnaces is extremely important and the tubeskin thermocouple is one of the best ways to determine if the temperature is in the right range.

In order to replace an XTRACTO-PAD® (model TC59-X) assembly do I need to buy all the accessories?

No. The tube clips, guide tube with weld-pad and the heat shield will be reused. Only the sensor element needs to be replaced. No welding is required.

Do I need expansion loops?

If you anchor a tubeskin thermocouple outside the furnace (fixed exit) and have any furnace tube movement you will need expansion loops. There are various expansion loops used such as S-loop, multiple coil, single coil and spiral loop.