Pressure balances

Model Description Number
80 Pipeline tester, hydraulic version CT 31.21
CPB3500 Dead-weight tester, pneumatic version, vacuum to 120 bar [1,600 lb/in²] CT 31.22
CPB3800 Dead-weight tester in compact design CT 31.06
CPB3800HP Dead-weight tester, high-pressure version CT 31.07
CPB5000 Pneumatic pressure balance CT 31.01
CPB5000HP Pressure balance, high-pressure version CT 31.51
CPB5600DP Pressure balance, differential pressure version CT 31.56
CPB5800 Hydraulic pressure balance CT 31.11
CPB6000 Primary standard pressure balance CT 32.01
CPB6000DP Primary-standard differential pressure balance CT 32.02
CPB8000 Automatic pressure balance CT 32.03
CPD8500 Digital dead-weight tester CT 32.05
CPU6000-M, CPU6000-S, CPU6000-W CalibratorUnit CT 35.02
WIKA-Cal Calibration software CT 95.10
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