Gas density monitors

After unpacking the gas density monitor, the pointer is not in zero position - is the instrument defective?

The instrument is probably not defective. The temperature compensation also works without a gas compartment being connected. Through this the pointer changes its position to compensate for the influence of the temperature on the indication. At temperatures above 20 °C, a shift in the negative direction can be seen. At temperatures below 20 °C, a movement takes place in the positive direction.

Are there gas density monitors with adjustable contacts?

Gas density monitors usually do not have adjustable contacts. The contacts of the gas density monitors are fixed by a weld after they have been set. This prevents any dangerous operating condition from being caused through unintentional or incorrect adjustment. In addition, the contacts are protected against any mechanical shocks generating adjustments (e.g.: switching of a circuit breaker).

What is the display accuracy of the gas density monitor?

The gas density monitor has a class accuracy of +/- 1 % at 20 °C. At -20 °C and +60 °C, the tolerance is 2.5 %. The accuracy between these temperatures can be interpolated linearly.