Service - SF6

What is SF6?

SF6 is the molecular formula for sulphur hexafluoride. SF6 is a chemical compound of the elements sulphur and fluorine which, under normal conditions, is non-toxic, odourless and colourless.

Is the handling of SF6 gas dangerous?

Contact with pure SF6 gas is not harmful to health. However, SF6 gas is a greenhouse gas and therefore emissions must be avoided at all costs.

Must people who work with SF6 gas be trained?

Personnel in the EU need special training for handling SF6 gas. WIKA provides training to enable those affected to act responsibly in their work with strong greenhouse gases and to avoid emissions due to incorrect gas handling.

Why must the quality of SF6 gas be analysed?

The quality of the SF6 gas must be analysed, since it can lead to chemical reactions in the gas when used in gas-insulated switchgear, due to the high energy occurring there. An analysis of the SF6 gas quality is always recommended and should be an integral part of the maintenance strategy, especially before any gas handling.

What influence do chemical reactions have on SF6 gas?

Chemical reactions in the SF6 gas can lead to aggressive and highly corrosive decomposition products, which can have a negative impact on plant safety. This can lead to partial or complete failures of the switchgear.

Can SF6 gas be disposed of without problem?

The SF6 gases cannot be easily disposed of, since they can have aggressive, toxic and corrosive properties. Here, specific regulations for the removal of dangerous goods must be observed.

What happens if contaminated SF6 gas is measured?

If contaminated SF6 gas has been measured, depending on the degree of contamination, the gas may be reused or it must be disposed of accordingly.