Gas density sensors

Can a gas density sensor be damaged if connected incorrectly?

Interchanging the +/- connections cannot damage the instrument, since the connection pins for the voltage supply are protected against reverse polarity.

Why would the gas density sensor not provide plausible values, even after two days?

If the gas density sensor does not provide plausible readings, even after two days, it is recommended that you check the installation. The sensor should be installed as close to the gas compartment as possible and should be in contact with the gas over a large area. Installations, for example, at the end of pipelines often lead to problems in the humidity measurement.

Why might the humidity measurement in a gas density sensor not show plausible values?

The measuring sensor settles, after commissioning, to the correct measured value. Depending on the initial conditions, this can take up to two days.

Can a gas density sensor be damaged if connected to too-high a voltage?

Inadvertent connection of the voltage supply lines to the communication pins of the instrument can cause damage, since the connection pins for the communication have not been designed for high voltages.